About Us

Medical Technics Engineering Ltd. has dedicated its work to creating and maintaining proper and longterm relations with the healthcare facilities in the country, providing professional and comprehensive solutions for consulting, supplying, servicing of and training to work with medical devices.

Since 1991, we at Medical Technics Engineering Ltd. have been striving to ensure the right solutions for the needs of healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities in the country with a wide range of medical and laboratory devices – consumables, instruments, apparatus and equipment. We are actively working to maintain and develop long-term relations with our customers through:

What distinguishes us

30 years of experience and care for over 2,000 customers

We provide the right solutions to over 2,000 customers in the sphere of healthcare and private business, getting to the bottom of the specific situation with practical knowledge of the work process. Thanks to the rich portfolio and the professionalism of our qualified team, we provide solutions by sharing our knowledge and experience.

Comprehensive solutions for healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities

We serve the medical, economic, legal and management team of the healthcare facility in due time, providing adequate and long-term solutions, consultations on prices and technical specifications, calculation of cost rates, on-site inspection and installation requirements, optimization of the work process, training of the medical and technical staff, appropriate service contracts and documents.

Committed and qualified team of 75 employees

A qualified and experienced team of 75 employees – MTE is proud of its team of trade, service, administrative and distribution staff and experts in the sphere of public procurements. The company’s philosophy is the annual investment in training and further qualification of the staff.

Import and distribution of over 120 renowned medical brands

Medical Technics Engineering Ltd. offers a comprehensive product portfolio of over 10,000 products, comprehensive solutions for over 16 medical specialties in 8 product divisions.

Own drugstore, online store, showroom, and seminar hall

Visit our drugstore and showroom. You can also order our products from our online store – www.mte-online.com – retail license.

A reliable service team with an equipped service center

A service centre certified under ISO 9001 and a team of highly qualified specialists

A state-of-the-art office building, spacious licensed warehouse and car fleet

1000 sq. m. of office premises, 3,800 sq. m. of licensed storage areas, a seminar hall with 60 seats, a showroom and own car fleet of 45 cars.

Regular ISO certification and re-certification

Regular ISO 45001:2018, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001- 2018 certification and re-certification. Cooperation with internationally certified partners.

Our aim is to continue to develop constantly so that we keep up with the growing expectations and requirements of our customers and partners. We strive to pursue our clear vision to be the most preferred healthcare supplier, providing a wide range of inpatient and outpatient care products and services.

Our long experience, combined with the high expertise of our engineers and the young, innovative spirit of the trade team, lay the foundations of the sustainable development of the company which has proven over the years to be the right partner, both for our suppliers and for our numerous and diverse customers.

Our concept is to be close to our customers through competent expertise, comprehensive portfolio and a clear vision of the future of healthcare, offering the right solutions at the right time

We, at MTE, believe that knowledge is power and we know that employees are at the heart of our success! We constantly improve their qualification through active participation in numerous congresses and training. In this way, we not only help people to develop, but we also ensure the continuous successful development of our company, as well as of our foreign and Bulgarian partners and customers. Speaking in one language with our customers (the language of medicine), we can understand them and adapt to their needs, ensuring their satisfaction.

We believe that the sale does not end with the delivery of the product and the payment of the order. We believe that our commitment continues long after that, responding to any question that may arise during the operation of the equipment that we have supplied. Our service engineers undergo compulsory training from the manufacturers for every device we offer. In this way, we guarantee peace of mind to our customers, who know they can trust our competent service specialists.