In the distant and restless year 1991, a team of 11 engineers in medical electronics and cybernetics, led by Eng. Hristan Hristanov and Eng. Yonka Getova, established Medical Technics Engineering Ltd. With their experience as developers of medical electrical equipment at the National Institute of Medical Equipment, established in 1964, they started the company’s activity by providing service and maintenance of medical devices and equipment in the healthcare facilities in our country.


MTE became involved in the trade in medical equipment, representing several leading German brands in the field of surgical equipment for the operating room – the heart of every hospital. To this day, we are happy to be partners of Erbe Еlektromezin, the golden standard in electrosurgical systems with over 190 years of history, Schmitz& Soehne – operating tables and gynecological chairs, diagnostic and therapy couches, Rudolf – surgical
precision instruments, and Atmos – highly specialized suction pumps.


MTE developed its activities in the field of cardiology with the representation of Schiller, Switzerland and successfully imposed their range of ECG units, holter and stress test systems in Bulgaria, making their desktop ECG unit the most preferred cardiograph, both among cardiologists and later among the newly established segment of general practitioners. One of the first software developments for the Schiller cardiographs was done in partnership with the research associates from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.


MTE also built up its laboratory portfolio for the needs of the largest diagnostic unit in each hospital, the Central Clinical Laboratory. To date, the bestselling brand in our laboratory portfolio are the Medonic hematology analyzers, known and preferred by two generations of laboratory doctors. The consumables range was expanded with the Kabe brand – suction and peripheral system for аtraumatic blood collection, urinalysis test strips Analyticon, clinical chemistry.


The birth of the portfolio of medical consumables is an example of successful entrepreneurship in the conditions of economic crisis and in the domestic healthcare sector. In times of scarce capital funds for the hospitals in the country to buy medical equipment and devices, MTE addressed their needs for common daily medical supplies – syringes, needles, peripheral intravenous catheters, sterile and non-sterile gloves, electrodes and ECG paper, whose manufacturers continue to be our partners today.

In the same year, the Medidom Drugstore was also founded.

Licensed by the Bulgarian Drug Agency to carry out retail trade, it addresses the needs of smaller endusers outside the hospital sector – the newly established general medical practitioners, private consulting rooms and group practices, including natural persons.


The MTE physiotherapy and rehabilitation range was complemented by a new subdivision – assistive devices for people with disabilities. Licensed to carry out trade by the Agency for People with Disabilities to the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, MTE became an importer and supplier to a number of medical stores in the country, and through its own Medidom Drugstore, it also reaches the needs of natural persons with special needs.


MTE is also known as a local partner for Bulgaria of the Bulgarian-Swiss programme for the training of hygiene nurses, following a donation by the Swiss Government to build 28 central sterilization centres in the country under the brands of Belimed and Schaerer. Borer Chemie chose MTE as its distributor of disinfectants for Bulgaria and became a partner in the training for the introduction and modernization of disinfection plans in the healthcare facilities in the country.


MTE took on a new challenge with the introduction of a professional range of implants in the field of endoprosthesis and osteosynthesis under the brand of the renowned Swiss leader Syntnes – Mathys. In parallel with the distribution of the devices, MTE invested in and launched the Bulgarian branch of the AO Alumni Practical Training Academy of the manufacturer for professional qualification with innovative operating techniques for the benefit of Bulgarian orthopaedists and traumatologists. Many of them are today leading specialists and managers of university and private clinics in the country.


MTE launched its comprehensive portfolio for operating urologists with the Europe-based and French-born urology supplies Porges (now part of Coloplast), as well as the minimally invasive endoscopic systems and special lasers of Richard Wolf, Germany.


The company launched an updated and comprehensive portfolio of equipment and devices for physiotherapy, rehabilitation and balneology thanks to its partnership with names such as Chirana Progress, Gymna and Chinesport, well known in today’s specialised hospitals for rehabilitation and private balneology sanatoriums.


The official opening of the new business administrative building of MTE, which was held on 7 July 2009, was marked by the presence and the greetings of 230 guests from Bulgaria and abroad – long-term partners of MTE, customers and suppliers. They all had the opportunity to see the novelties in MTE’s building such as state-of-the-art office premises for the employees, a showroom, a seminar hall with 60 seats, a conference hall with a conference connection, a modern drugstore which is comfortable and accessible for people with disabilities.


After the death of Eng. Hristan Hristanov, the management of MTE was officially taken over by Eng. Yonka Getova-Hristanova with the help of Eng. Dimitar Konov as the procurator and with the active participation of Mrs. Slavina Hristanova and Mr. Angel Hristanov as new partners in the company.

MTE successfully implemented a modern and specially developed for its purposes internal information EPR system, the first Bulgarian one to be set up for the purposes of a medical company.

Leica Microsystems & Leica Biosystems became active partners of MTE in the introduction of advanced microscopy systems for clinical and training purposes, as well as in the introduction of a modern and comprehensive portfolio for the equipment of the pathohistology laboratories in the country at a high European level.


MTE expanded its range of professional disinfectants in the sphere of hospital hygiene with its new
partnership with Anios Labratories, France, a renowned manufacturer with emblematic formulations and an academy for training in disinfectants in the sphere of medicine and dentistry.


MTE set up a specialised portfolio with consumables for anaesthesiology and intensive care. In line with its training and innovation principles, MTE won a project to equip a state-of-the-art training centre on the territory of the University Multiprofile Hospital for Active Treatment and Emergency Medicine N.I. Pirogov with simulation manikins and specialised apparatus for the training in activities related to emergency aid provided by specialists from emergency units in the country.


Mrs. Slavina Hristanova became the procurator of MTE.

Following the traditions of continuity and training at MTE, she helped the teams of young qualified trade and service specialists of MTE strengthen their leading position in the eyes of customers and suppliers.

MTE was selected as one of the 10 companies from the Family Business Association to be presented in the First Book of Family Business in Bulgaria for promoting the values and culture of family business in the country, presenting the integral and dynamic relationship between the generations of founders and their successors.

MTE was also certified according to ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.


MTE invested, purchased, equipped and licensed its own storage facility for medical devices on an area of 6,000 sq. m. with its own logistics park and a service centre close to its administrative building, thus centralising its sales and logistics activities.


For the benefit of the Bulgarian citizens and their families in the difficult pandemic situation in the
country, MTE launched its own online store – Medidom Drugstore – to facilitate the access to a wide and verified range of quality but scarce medical devices such as personal protective equipment, disinfectants, home medical devices, etc.

The year of the pandemic will be remembered by MTE with its selfless support of the Bulgarian healthcare facilities with the timely provision of a certified range of high quality personal protective equipment and disinfectants, resuscitation beds, defibrillators, video laryngoscopes, anaesthesiology supplies, patient monitors, oxygen concentrators and vaccine freezers.


MTE expanded its diagnostic portfolio with a key range of devices, taking over the official representation of Sonoscape, China – modern and innovative ultrasound units and flexible endoscopy systems with quality and affordable solutions for the Bulgarian market.

It also signed a distribution contract with Opti Mеdical/ Idexx, USA, for benchtop POC blood gas analysers for accurate and rapid diagnostics of laboratory parameters for the needs of Covid and intensive care hospital wards.